New Stickers Available

Stick on, Take off, Stick on

We can now offer removable stickers that can be stuck onto almost any surface, then removed and stuck onto another surface without damage to the sticker  or the surface it’s stuck onto.


 To Stick or not to Stick!

Of course we have always been able to offer stickers, cut to shape permanent or temporary, but the sticker usually gets damaged when you remove them.  The other solution was to offer Static Window Cling, which is a great product, but is limited in it’s application.

Great Results

Here at Sigma Display, we have been testing this product for a while and we are impressed with the results.  The print quality is excellent, showing vibrant colours with great durability, and easily cut to the shapes you need.

The stickers will stick onto glass, metal, brick, painted walls, plasterboard and many other surfaces.  They are designed to be removable without damage to material surface or the sticker, meaning they are great for decoration purposes, promotions, window display’s and as wall posters.

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