Vehicle Wraps Pembrokeshire

Zombie Vehicle Wrap!

Travelling in and around Pembrokeshire, you may be a little surprised to come across a vehicle we recently wrapped.  Is it advertising, a plumber, builder, garden services……Nope, it is advertising Zombie Hunting Services. Definitely not something you see on the road every day.

Spots and Stripes

To be honest, for us it made a refreshing change to produce something a little different.  The majority of vehicle wraps we produce usually advertise a business or service with the occasional zebra stripes, leopard spots or carbon fibre effect.  The client showed us some zombie images of the kind of graphic that they would like, initially to only cover a small section of the back.  We then presented the client with a couple of options, one was just covering the top back panel, and the other with the whole back section wrapped.

Planes and Trains
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vehicle wrap graphics Pembrokeshire

Vehicle graphics, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Zombie Vehicle Wrap

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Printed Vehicle Graphics

At Sigma Display, we have been wrapping and producing vehicle graphics for many years and thought we’d covered all kinds of graphics and vehicles. Busses, planes, boats, vans and cars.  We’ve put onto vehicles, giant oranges, beer bottles, huge toucan, giraffe’s, giant cheeses, pizzas and much more.  But until now never a zombie.  Looking forward to what comes next!

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