Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps?

Some helpful advice if you are considering having your vehicle, van, or car wrapped or graphics applied.

Vehicle wraps have been becoming increasingly more popular over the last 10 years, here, at Sigma Display we’ve been producing vehicle wraps for the last 10 years or so. So we have gained a lot of experience along the way.

In fact I was a traditional sign writer myself, so going through the painstaking process of having to paint lettering, logos and pictures onto vehicles, I can relate to the endless possibility of totally transforming a vehicle in a day or two without affecting the paintwork of the vehicle.

Our first vehicle wrap was produced in 2004 for Radio Pembrokeshire, solvent digital printing was not available for vehicle wrapping then, but we wrapped the vehicle using plain coloured cast vinyl and logos, to great affect.

“Meaningless Eye-Candy” Vehicles wraps are becoming more popular with the small car owner and has been labelled as “Meaningless Eye-Candy” however I disagree, if you want bubbles, zebra stripes or leopard prints on your car then why not? However if you are a business advertising a product or service then be careful. This requires skilful and experienced designers that are not only familiar with the design aspect but also the profile of the vehicle.

You do not want a copious amounts of small text that blends into a hideous background and is lost in all the curves and recesses.

If you require any more advice regarding vehicle wraps or any of our products or services contact us.  Check out some of our vehicle graphics and wraps.

Vehicle wraps Advice:

Avoid “free design” or free “artwork” and research the average cost from reputable companies as you will get what you pay for.
Ensure the materials used are suitable (usually cast vinyl over laminated with a cast laminate) a professional vehicle wrap should last approximately 5-7 years.
Ask to see examples of the companies work and check testimonials.
Only give the go ahead when you are happy with the design and the quality of the company’s work.