Why Choose Us?

So you’ve heard it all before from sign makers – we’re specialists in this and that, we’re the leading company, we have a wealth of experience, and so on.  You will see these claims on nearly every company search, including our own!  Of course these points are important, but if everyone is claiming to be the best company for you, how do you choose?

Well it would be a bit pointless repeating all those claims, but to help you here’s a little information about Sigma Display the company, the staff, and some of what we do. So why choose us?

It’s very simple, for a couple of hundred pounds or so you can buy a cheap vinyl plotter and a couple of rolls of vinyl from eBay.  You now have a sign company, right?…Not exactly.

We’re loving it!

We all love what we do and we‘re committed to ensuring that our skills, products and services have a profound and positive impact on all projects, whatever the size or budget.  We take pride in our work and understand your success is our success!  We don’t do pushy sales, or ridiculous offers as we believe our work and the experience of working with us will speak for itself.  All our staff are very passionate about what we do, whether it be the design process, print finishing or looking after our account customers.  From initial conception to completion, achieving and making our clients vision a reality is very satisfying.

We’ve got skills!

We do have a vinyl plotter by the way, a very good one! and a whole lot more, but all the equipment in the world is useless unless you know how to operate the equipment, it’s also about experience and talent.

Experience will allow a user to competently use the equipment and understand materials and processes, but it’s talent that is vital in the design process, graphically speaking and in terms of manufacture.

I have been in the sign and graphics industry since 1988 ( yes I’m that old! ) Where I was employed as a sign writer, No computers then, just paint, brushes, mahl stick and an easel.  I learned traditional sign writing skills, airbrushing, gilding, gold leaf.  But learning traditional skills just before the introduction of digital sign making has been vital to my experience and what Sigma Display can offer you now.  Not just my self all the staff have something very unique to offer, whether it be graphic design, manufacturing, fabrication and installation.

Old and new, big or small!

Sigma Display Ltd was born via a management buyout of the former Sigma Exhibition Services in 2009, The company’s main services since 1999 was to design and build bespoke exhibition stands, permanent display’s, wide format printing and signage.

We produced exhibition stands, graphics and display’s all over the world, from large clients like Jaguar, Land Rover and fitted out a reception area for caterpillar’s European accounts headquarters, all these projects the current team at sigma display were involved with and required vast skills in design, material fabrication, construction, electronics and logistics.

In between these projects, we produced signs, banners, display products and vehicle graphics for local and UK based businesses which is majority of work we produce today.  Because of the business owners interest in other projects, we was in an exiting position to be able to purchase the company and Sigma Display Ltd was born.


At Sigma Display we do have all the equipment and skills needed for your project, we have a design studio, 3 wide format inkjet printers, 2 are print and cut, vinyl plotter and a a hot press mounting and laminating machine.

We also have a workshop with a wide range of fabricating materials and equipment to be able to tackle your project from design to installation.  We constantly stay in touch with any developments in our industry and we will always be looking at new, creative and innovative ways of creating our products and services.

Jack of all trades

At Sigma Display we believe we are very good at what we do, we have a wealth of experience and a great team behind us.

We believe that with all our combined experiences, working together for many years we can offer unrivaled expertise in our industry, We don’t offer anything that we cannot deliver, but always know some one that can.

There is nothing wrong with small business offering services and products that you would not expect from a Sign Manufacturer, but at Sigma Display (Signs and Graphics) we like to focus on our area of expertise, why choose us? What we do is in our name: Signs, Graphics and Display’s.

Thank you for reading

Vic Moulder